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Black Rock Sea Festival 2015

The blowing of the conch shell sounded off at 5:00am this morning in the village […]


Diaspora Connections 2015

Have you ever heard the song “Brown Girl in the Ring” played on violin, in […]

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Charlotteville Natural Treasures Day 2015

Not even intermittent showers could have dampened the euphoria of the Charlotteville Heritage Festival production […]

Heritage Bus Tour 2015

Argyle Village Tour

Sunday 26th July

Participants will be treated to a trip down memory lane as they are taken through the former Argyle estate.

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Legends and Rites of Passage

Monday 27th July

Mt Cullane is a colloquial term fondly used by locals to refer to Mt Thomas, Culloden and Golden Lane.

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“A Journey Through Us”

Thursday 13th August

Presented by the Speyside Senior Citizens Group, the tour will take guests through a historic view of the village.

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