The traditional Ole Time Wedding sizzled last Saturday, July 18th 2015 as the Tobago Heritage Festival rolled into Moriah.  Young and old alike participated in the festivities which are a re-enactment of Tobago’s 19th century traditions.

The event began with a wedding ceremony at the Moriah Moravian Church, followed by the distribution of cake and wine at the Moriah Community Center and then a lively procession to the reception grounds lead by the bride, groom and members of the bridal party dancing the “brush back”.

This year’s stage production for the reception was entitled “Blessed be the Tie that Binds” and was presented to a packed audience. The story was based around the groom being sent abroad to further his education and returning to Tobago upon completion of his studies, falling in love with a “village girl”. This was to the dismay of his mother, who did not want her educated son to marry a woman of her class. As the story unfolded, the groom’s mother decided that she should support the marriage for the sake of her son’s happiness.

The production brought the curtains down on the Moriah Ole Time Wedding 2015.