In a beautiful showcase of costumes that mirrored a kaleidoscope of colour, the Tobago Festivals Commission, through the Tobago Carnival Committee 2015, in collaboration with the Mas Fraternity, successfully hosted the Kings/Queens/Individuals and Ole Mas Finals on Wednesday 11th February 2015, at the Shaw Park Complex.

Chairman of the Tobago Carnival Committee, Winston Gordon, in thanking the Community Development and Culture Secretary, Dr Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus for her support, noted that she has risen to the occasion and intervened where intervention was required and supervised where supervision was required, to ensure everything goes right.

He remarked that he stands proud to welcome all, as Tobago celebrates revelry, relaxation and creativity and implored all to join with the Tobago Festivals Commission and the Tobago Carnival Committee, in celebrating Bago Carnival 2015.

The Chairman promised, “this season the beauty talent and artistic skills of many of the bands and representatives will be displayed, in true Tobago style, colour and performance, unfolding the joy, the skills and the secrets, as well as the talents and crafts of the numerous individuals, who will appear on and off stage, in keeping with the theme, ‘Mystical Secrets Unfold.’

“We ask you to rant and rave and enjoy the evening to the fullest”. Asserting that one cannot deny that the Carnival experience has been a beautiful one thus far, Dr. Tsoiafatt-Angus expressed optimism that this will continue to the completion of activities on Carnival Tuesday.

Bandleaders were praised for the amazing quality of artwork and costumes, which she said, attest to the amount of work and dedication put in over the last few months. She challenged Bandleaders that this cannot end after the Competition, if the Creative and Cultural Industries are to continue developing. “We in the Division continue to package and re-package our programmes, to ensure that we appeal to everyone out there.”

This year, Secretary Angus explained, “the Division has removed the competition from the Traditional Mas and will have instead a showcase of this category. With this, there is an expectation to have more persons on the road and at an earlier time.”

She expressed the hope for a really safe and exciting Carnival experience. The audience cheered lustily, as the five major categories of Female Individual, Male Individual, Queen of the Band, King of the Band and Ole Mas, crossed the stage.



Female Individual

  • 1st Place – Kelly Ann Withstrum – Portrayal ‘Choty Goty’
  • 2nd Place – Luconia Sandy – ‘Wild Wild Life’
  • 3rd Place – Sara Jane Stoute -‘Market Vendor’

Male Individual

  • 1st Place – Mirrick Dickson, Portrayal ‘The Alouin Dragon’
  • 2nd Place – George Leacock – ‘King George’
  • 3rd Place – Theron Stoute – ‘Imperial Rome’

Queen of the Band

  • 1st – Place – Charlene Gopaul – Portrayal -‘Wild Life’
  • 2nd Place – Afeshia Moses-Des Vignes – ‘Queen Aella’
  • 3rd Place – Candice Chang-Sandy – ‘Mighty Isis Egyptian Goddess’

King of the Band

  • 1st Place – Deon Briggs – Portrayal – ‘King Hannibal’
  • 2nd Place – Kestor Davidson – ‘Ching Ling Soo’
  • 3rd Place – Winston Chadband -‘Ah Blast from de Past Pan-Mas’

Ole Mas Competition: Ole Mas Band

  • 1st Place – Tobago Drama Guild: ‘Dem Ole School Days’
  • 2nd Place – No Behaviour Crew: ‘Hot Off the Press Ent’

Ole Mas Individual

  • 1st – Place – Christopher Powder – ‘Beyond the Tape with Inspector Roger Alexander’
  • 2nd Place- Godfrey Gardner – ‘Algebra’
  • 3rd Place- Beverly Riley – ‘Shake it’

Ole Mas Couple

  • 1st Place – Cheryll and Thabiti: ‘Reciting Poetry’