Not even intermittent showers could have dampened the euphoria of the Charlotteville Heritage Festival production – Natural Treasures Day- on Monday July 20, 2015.

Now branded as one of the “must see” events on the Heritage Festival calendar, the BPTT sponsored production saw scores of visitors travelling to the far East of the island to witness the activities and even chipping along with the street procession to the rhythm of sweet tamboo-bamboo, drums and folk songs.

Enthusiastic patrons were taught the traditional ways to “wash the deaf bed” by the river in order to put the spirits to rest; dance the cocoa to ensure that the beans were well polished for sale and to squeeze the sugar cane using the “batty mill” among other interesting lessons.

The all-day event continued with the treasure hunt on Pirates Bay where some patrons searched and found bountiful loots while others were simply contented to lime along the shoreline.

The day’s activities climaxed with the evening stage production titled “All Ah We Is One FAM-AH-LAY”.