The explosion of colourful costumes, energetic dancers, rhythmic African drumming and accompanying music trucks heralded the Emancipation Day 2015 celebrations in Tobago.

Hundreds of participants and spectators – many dressed in traditional African wear – flocked the street for the Emancipation Day parade through the streets of Crown Point which ended at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park.

A few excited patrons shared consensus that Emancipation Day celebrations symbolized pride in the resilience displayed by their African ancestors and the goals achieved as a result of their struggles.

Secretary of Community Development and Culture, Dr. Denise Tsoiafatt-Angus emphasized the need for every generation to play a part in the emancipation of those to come and to protect the strides made by our ancestors.

The day’s celebration culminated with an evening concert at the Pigeon Point Heritage Park which saw comediennes Nicky “Granny” Crosby and Penelope Spencer entertaining a packed audience with their witty comments and role play. The concert also showcased excerpts from several of the village shows including the well-received Les Coteaux Folk Tales and Superstitions, a performance by the 2015 Heritage Monarch Caston Cupid, appearance by the 2015 Miss Heritage Personality, Janelle Fraser and local Reggae artist, Prophet Benjamin.

Veteran calypsonian Lord Nelson brought the curtains down and showed the appreciative patrons just why he earned the title by belting out some of his most popular hits like “Meh Lover” and “King Liar” and virtually turning the seating area into a dance floor.