Les Coteaux’s Folk Tales and Superstitions 2015 was an evening of mystery, history and witchcraft. At their 2015 Tobago Heritage Festival stage production entitled ‘Who Have Eyes To See’, Les Coteaux fulfilled the cultural traditions of the village with stories surrounding folklore and superstitions.

The interactive, entertaining and drama-filled play was a tale which demonstrated the saying good always overcomes evil. One villager, who attempted to undergo evil practices to ensure his daughter got married, saw his entire scheme fall apart. Meanwhile, their neighbour’s daughter was also planning a wedding. However, the matriarch of the home wanted her daughter to get married because of true love. Seeing her neighbour’s plan fall through, the mother was ecstatic that her daughter attracted a husband without any evil plans. In the end, the family had a beautiful traditional wedding.

In addition to the production, the villagers also recognized noteworthy contributors to the development of culture in the area, such as, Dr. Verleen Bob-Lewis and Prince Williams.